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Powered by industry leading models

Go Beyond ChatGPT Plus

Say goodbye to sudden cancellations, inconsistent performance, and restricted access to cutting-edge AI.

No vendor lock-in

Freely choose from the latest models, including GPT 4o, Claude 3 Opus, Mistral Large, Perplexity and many more

Your data is yours

Expose only the data needed for answering your questions. Keep the rest private. Your data is never used to train any model.

Prices for everyone

All features are included in the base price. No hidden fees. No daily usage caps.

Expert tools for expert results

Personal knowledge bases

Receive relevant output based on data you trust

PentaPrompt enables you to convert your existing content—be it reports, tutorials, Youtube videos, or articles—into smart, context-aware knowledge bases. Your AI now responds with the depth and detail of your own data.

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Custom personas (GPTs)

Build truly capable assistants

Configure your AI to deliver precise expertise. With PentaPrompt, you can create personas that encapsulate specific knowledge domains or areas of expertise. Alternatively, deploy our expertly crafted personas for instant access to next-level proficiency.

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Outstanding UX

Find what you are looking for, fast.

With filters, folders and search, PentaPrompt makes it easy to find relevant information. Everything is built so you can generate the best output with maximum efficiency.

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...and so much more...

Image generation
Edit messages
Export conversations
Clear chat history
Copy paste code blocks
Syntax highlighting
Ligh & Dark Mode
Prebuilt personas
Context snippets
Inline url fetching
Youtube transcripts

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Folders! Folders! Folders! Folders! Folders! Folders!



Content Marketing Specialist

Seamlessly switiching between models, personas and knowledge bases during conversation makes it so much faster to generate the output I want, I feel like I'm cheating.




It's so nice to access GPT4 and all these other great models without paying the hefty price of a ChatGPT plus subscription.




Lock in an early bird price

Try free for 7 days. No credit card required. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.


  • 250,000 standard words* per month
  • 25,000 advanced words* per month
  • 25 standard images per month
  • 5 advanced images per month
  • Unlimited personas
  • Unlimited contexts
  • Unlimited folders
  • Access to all models

9,00 € /month

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  • 1,000,000 standard words* per month
  • 100,000 advanced words* per month
  • 100 standard images per month
  • 30 advanced images per month
  • Unlimited personas
  • Unlimited contexts
  • Unlimited folders
  • Access to all models

18,00 € /month

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  • What is PentaPrompt and how can it benefit me?

    PentaPrompt is a web application that provides access to powerful generative AI models. It benefits you by offering personalized creation, streamlining interactions with AI models, and giving you access to the best models from multiple providers, all in one place.

  • Can I personalize the conversations and prompts in PentaPrompt?

    Absolutely! With PentaPrompt, you can create personas and add them to conversations. You can also write specific description prompts for personas to focus the conversation on a particular area of expertise. Additionally, you can choose from prebuilt personas to get started quickly.

  • How does PentaPrompt streamline interactions with AI models?

    PentaPrompt simplifies your workflow by offering features like storing contextual prompts and adding them as background information, creating knowledge bases for answering user questions, and providing convenience features during conversations such as deleting messages, adjusting settings, and copying codeblocks.

  • Can I use my own data and knowledge bases in PentaPrompt?

    Absolutely! PentaPrompt allows you to create knowledge bases and add them to conversations or personas. You can use various sources like PDFs, YouTube videos, and websites to create your knowledge base. This way, you can leverage your own data and make it highly relevant for your specific use cases.

  • What convenience features does PentaPrompt offer during conversations?

    PentaPrompt offers a range of convenience features to enhance your experience. You can delete messages, retrigger completions, adjust settings like temperature or top_p, and easily copy messages or codeblocks to the clipboard. Code is also formatted nicely for easy copy-pasting.

  • How does the pricing of PentaPrompt compare to other similar platforms?

    PentaPrompt offers an affordable subscription pricing model. For just 9€ per month, you get 25,000 advanced words and 250,000 basic words. For 18€ per month, you get 100,000 advanced words and 1,000,000 basic words. This pricing is significantly cheaper than other platforms like OpenAI.

  • Do I need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use PentaPrompt?

    No, you do not need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use PentaPrompt. PentaPrompt operates independently and provides its own subscription plans for accessing its features and models.

  • Can PentaPrompt help me with content creation and marketing?

    Absolutely! PentaPrompt is a valuable tool for content creators and marketers. It enables you to produce high-quality content quickly and consistently. With personalized creation and access to the best AI models, you can generate more relevant output faster, saving you time and effort.

  • How can PentaPrompt assist small business owners with their diverse needs?

    PentaPrompt is a game-changer for small business owners. It provides expertise in a variety of fields without the need to hire additional staff. Whether you need assistance with analyzing data, distilling content, or automating repetitive tasks, PentaPrompt is designed to improve efficiency and help you achieve your goals.

  • What sets PentaPrompt apart from other AI model platforms?

    PentaPrompt stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that combines the best models from multiple providers under one roof. This means you can benefit from the strengths of different models without being limited to a single company. PentaPrompt also focuses on user-friendly features, personalization, and efficiency to enhance your experience.

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    Ready to Transform Your Conversations?

    Join the PentaPrompt community today and experience a new level of interaction with generative AI. Streamline your conversations, enhance your productivity, and unlock your creativity.

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